Annie Gendreau

Anni Gendreau
  • Annie Gendreau was born in 1975 in Quebec, Canada, and emigrated to Europe in 2005. After living in Amsterdam, Paris, and Munich, she recently moved to the beautiful town of Memmingen. Her drive and talent for visual design and arts has led her through a career in the luxury fashion industry, before turning her lifelong passion of creating art into a profession.
  • Through expressive and textural work, her intensive process involves multiple layers, where she explores shapes, lines, surfaces, balance, and textures.
  • “My work is characterized by the spontaneity in the movements and by responding to the painting as it evolves. I do not wish to search for motifs, but only experiences and feelings. Even though I reference my personal life throughout my process, it is important to me to have the viewer bring their own subjectivity to my work, rather than accepting mine as the only interpretation.”

Instagram: @anniegendreau_art
Atelier in Memmingen, Germany